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December 4, 2013

Campollo Consulting and WSAS

Latin America Pension Funds' $800 billion Investment Portfolios Detailed in New Reports


The producers of The Guide to Latin America Pension Funds tminformation service announce the release of the 2013 version of this comprehensive market intelligence service on some of the largest and fastest-growing pools of investment capital.


The 2013 Guide to Latin America Pension Funds tm service illustrates that Latin America's private pension funds are dynamic marketplaces, offering attractive business opportunities for financial services providers.  Pension assets across eleven markets tracked grew at a compound annual rate of almost 13% on a dollar-weighted basis from  2007-2012,  to reach over $800 billion in assets. But like pension funds in many countries, they have had a 'home bias'  for their investment portfolios, and thus a lot of potential capacity to diversify their asset allocations overseas, opening opportunities for international managers.


The overall management of these assets represents great business opportunities. The 2013 Guide identified 16 mergers or acquisitions of pension funds during 2012 and into mid-2013, that involved almost 35% of all the assets under management, involving acquisitions by companies such as MetLife, Principal Financial, ScotiaBank, and Grupo Sura .


What is The 2013 Guide to Latin America Pension Funds tm?

The 2013 Guide to Latin America Pension Funds tmis the latest release in an  information service that focuses on the large and rapidly-growing investment portfolios of Latin America's extensive private pension funds systems.


The Guide service consists of a series of data services and reports:

The master package consists of

  • Ø  detailed  asset allocations covering over twenty asset categories of over 400 private pension funds across 11 countries. These files also contain data about the annual returns achieved by each pension fund, and about the number of affiliates and active accounts by each pension fund ,  
  • Ø  an annual publication series  “Guide Latin America Pensions Investment Context and Regulations for Major and Minor Markets
  • Ø   Directories of Key Pension Staff
  • Ø   Lists of External Portfolio Managers


How can Money Managers interested in selling their investment products in Latin America use The Guide?

The Guide serves as a footprint to navigate the region's key institutional players- the pension funds and pension administrators and how they invest their assets.. The data service allows users to easily rank pension funds by total assets under management; or by any of the 22 other asset categories in the data set.  Money Managers can use The Guide's underlying historic data to analyze the asset allocations and cross-check with the “Investment Context  and Regulations Reports" to see if a pension fund  has capacity to grow their allocations to international fixed income, international listed equities, or private equity/venture capital, to name a few categories .


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Announcement August 6, 2012


Campollo Consulting and WSAS

Announce the Release of

The Guide to Latin America Pension Funds 2012

Campollo Consulting LLC and Wall’s Street Advisors Services LLC are pleased to announce the launch of their new research service covering Latin America’s pension funds and their investment practices. The service, called The Guide to Latin America Pension Funds, will prove invaluable to international financial services providers like money managers and custodians who may be looking to enter these markets, increase market share, or develop a product for pension funds in all or one of the 11 countries covered, as well as to researchers needing a one-stop reference guide to the region’s pension funds.

The service offers extensive details in easy-to-use digital formats about the asset allocations among 23 asset categories and executive contacts for over 400 individual pension funds, with combined assets of over $700 billion, from this fast-growing and exciting region. The five year histories of the assets information through the end of 2011, expressed in both local currencies and US Dollar terms, provide unprecedented views of the patterns of asset growth and asset allocation.

The service also includes detailed country reports on the current investment regulations and operating contexts facing the pension fund management companies.  

Details about the service can be seen at or at .

About Campollo Consulting LLC – Campollo Consulting LLC, a minority owned firm, is led by Carmen Campollo who over the past 20 years Carmen has worked for firms such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Standard & Poor's, FTSE and Russell Investments. In addition to the Guide to Latin America Pension Funds, Campollo Consulting has developed a review system for Emerging Managers, an Index Multistrategy Fund of Funds of Emerging Managers, and other products used as the underlying for investment products and as performance benchmarks. You can learn more about Campollo Consulting at

About Wall’s Street Advisor Services, LLC – WSAS specializes in innovations in financial information services for investors and researchers interested in emerging markets and socially responsible investing.  Founder and CEO Peter Wall has over 30 years’ experience in developing and marketing financial information services. You can find out more about WSAS at


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