New Release-Dec 2013 - Guide to Latin America Pensions Investment Context and Regulations
Campollo Consulting and WSAS released the Dec 2013 Guide that serves as a footprint to navigate the region's key institutional players, how they invest their assets and opportunities for money manager
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How Latin America Pension Funds Invest Their Assets Apr 2013
This White Paper identifies trends in the development of pension fund asset management in eleven Latin American markets which have funded pension systems. The trends include high growth in assets, in
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The Guide to Latin America Pension Funds Apr 2013
The most up-to-date & complete information service available on Latin America’s pension funds & their investment practices.
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Research Paper - The Guide to Latin America Pension Funds
White paper outlines the opportunities for Asset Managers, Custodians, Consultants, Financial Groups, Insurance Companies targeting Latin America Pension Funds - Trends and Pension Funds Growth
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The Guide is an Information Service on Latin America's Pension Funds and their Investment Practices. The Guide covers 11 countries in Latin America, 400+ Pension Funds, $650 bn in Assets as of end 201




Guide to Latin America Pension Funds


Find the biggest & fastest growing pension funds in seconds.


Most timely & up-to-date information available


Find Competitors and possible Partners for Distribution of your Investment Products, Strategies and Services

Value Proposition  Who To Call (Institutional Investors and Pensions)
Value Proposition

Insights into Financial Products and

Managers of Pension Funds

Value Proposition

Quick References to Market Investment Products and Strategies within Regulatory Guidelines


Business Development

  • Assessment of key players in Latin America (11 countries)
  • Review Investment Regulation on investment portfolios
  • Examine Pensions Product Mix
  • Distribution Channels
  • Help clients participate in Latin America Pension Growth
  • Understanding dynamics of each market


Sample Questions the Guide Can Answer:



Brazil's Previ Plano I (the single largest Fund with US$ 82.6 bn (2011)

It hold $50.7 bn in domestic equities, Zero! in foreign equities, and had a return of 7.7%.


Chile Fondo de Reservas de Pension had the most foreign fixed income assets at $4.4 bn


How much in foreign fixed income did all the Pension Funds hold at the end of 2011?  $27.7 bn

The Guide- Sample Excerpts
Asset Allocation among 23 asset categories and executive contacts for over 400 pension funds with combined assets of over $700 billion. Also included are detailed country reports on investment regulat
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